Can an Overbite Cause Snoring?

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For those of you out there who have problems with your teeth, then you should be aware of the fact that a condition known as overbite occurs when the upper front part of the teeth extends over the lower teeth. This is not only abnormal, but it can have serious implications on one’s health. A person with such a condition will need immediate treatment by an orthodontic professional such as a dental professional or an oral surgeon. Treatment for this disorder generally involves corrective appliances and surgical procedures.

There are many different causes of overbites. One of the most common causes is the formation of a bone spur, which can occur because of a person’s overbites or because of the overbite itself. Other causes can be TMJ, sinus infections and the common cold. These conditions can cause the overbite to occur, thus creating the false impression that a person has a crooked grin.

The most common means of correcting overbites is through dental surgery. If the overbite develops after the age of 18, then a dental procedure known as overheating may be performed. Through this type of procedure, the frontal bone of the jaws is reshaped in order to help correct overbites. The surgery usually takes about an hour to perform and can fix minor cases of the condition. There are even some instances where minor cases are actually corrected by just having the teeth pulled.

Another common means of correcting overbites is through orthodontic intervention. In this method, the patient will be required to wear a mouth guard or dental braces for 6 months. These devices will enable the person to prevent overbites from occurring. This procedure can cost the patient a total of $2500, although many insurance companies will cover the cost of these devices.

One last way to correct overbites is through the use of soft contact lenses. These are considered to be similar to glasses because they have filters that can be attached to the inside of the eye. In the event that the person experiences any kind of breathing irregularities, then the contacts can be used to correct the overbites. Because of the low-level correction that is needed, this method is much less expensive than other forms of dental orthodontic intervention. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to using the soft contact lenses, such as the fact that the person must wear them for six months in order to achieve any kind of change.

Snoring occurs in many different people, and the reasons for each individual case are often different. However, many health and dental professionals believe that overbites are actually one of the main causes of individuals experiencing sleep apnea. Through many studies, it has been found that the teeth of these individuals tend to contract in an abnormal manner, which causes them to stop breathing as they sleep.

There are two main different types of overbite: a shallow overbite and a deep overbite. A shallow overbite causes a slight shift in the degree of overbite on either or both sides of the head. Because of this, snorers who have a shallow overbite often find that their mouth does not completely close when they sleep. In contrast, a deep overbite will cause the bottom teeth to overlap the top teeth, causing the sleeper to experience a very close proximity to the tongue and throat when they are sleeping.

When a person suffers from a combination of overbites, some specialists recommend that a combination of orthodontic treatment is used to fix the problem. For example, the extra space that can be created by treating the overbite should be filled in by the frontal teeth of the patient. At the same time, extra space can also be created for the tongue by moving the frontal teeth forward. Combined with an overbite correction device, these methods can work well to eliminate many of the sounds that individuals experience when they have a small overbite.

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